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Eastco was born as the fruit of three passions: Ibiza, sailing and the search for new experiences. Added to that was our dream of continuing to do so while helping others to live it as well.

We are seafarers, entrepreneurs, adventurers and connoisseurs of tourism. We enjoy what we do and we always offer the best.

We are waiting for you to make your next journey possible.

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Passion for Ibiza

What we do

This is how we work

  • We privilege good service and comfort

    Our business trajectory, our experience as sailors and as hosts of adventure and luxury tourism on the island, make good service not an added value but a requirement of its own.

  • We seek the best quality, safety and technology

    We live the sea fully and we know that the best way to do it is through superior products and services. We apply this in the characteristics of our jet skis, in the different services offered on the tours and in the selection of partner companies of our brand.

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  • We live and generate memorable moments

    We are very clear about it: the quality of Eastco's products and services is designed to create the necessary conditions to fully enjoy the Ibiza experience, as we have done. As a company, efficiency is not enough for us. We seek to leave a mark.

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